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Our Workshops

We want to provide an environment to enhance the skills of people working within the tech industry. Backgrounds don't matter, but our courses can provide people from all departments with an opportunity to discuss and understand technical issues and explore how best to develop those discussions with your own engineering teams.

  • Provide a full day experience giving everyone a technical background
  • Help all attendees have more productive conversations with technical teams
  • Teach new technologies and ideas to all attendees
  • Enhance efficiency and understanding of peoples day to day jobs
  • Promote continued learning even after the workshop
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Product and Growth

On our workshops, you can gain hands on experience and learn to adapt to the constraints of the software that your developing, discovering how to work with those constraints to better the overall outcome.

Learn about the problems, the solutions, and the overheads of maintaining code, documenting code, then bug fixing when problems do occur; all within hard deadlines. We're strong believers in small iterative development and fixes to help your team always move forwards, no more large rollbacks that are counterproductive to progress, join us to learn about 'failing forwards'.

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Design and Creative

Design teams can explore the possibilities of code sharing with the development teams, rather than working completely isolated, why not build with the developers in mind and get them kick started with working designs. Not only does this help engineers, but also improves design consistency and coherency.

When you're talking and working in the same technologies, there are no more issues of pixel misalignment, and things getting lost in translation, they can be correct from the start.

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Tech industry professionals

Targeted for non-technical roles, our workshops get you hands on development experience: from showing you how to use the terminal command line, to building your own app from scratch. You can also ask our engineers any questions about your day job.

We can give you the understanding and terminology to talk to your tech teams, requesting the functionality you need, in a way that makes it both simpler and quicker to deliver.

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Video Resources

We provide several video resources covering different aspects of the product lifecycle. Every topic is enriched by real life examples and exercises wich will ve reviewed by one of our tutors.

video resources

Typical Workshop Schedule


Meet and Greet

Meet your tutors and set up your machine


Unix Fundamentals: Part 1

Learn your way around the command line


Coffee break

We all need a coffee break!


Unix Fundamentals: Part 2

Introduction to scripting


Lunch Break

Lunch break and a Q&A/chat



Frontend technologies and your first web application


Engineering Troubleshooting

Communicating with your engineering team


Coffee break

Almost there, a final coffee break


Finish off your web app

Experiment and tweak your web app


Wrap Up Time!

Any final questions you may have



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