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Who We Are

At Fless, we improve the efficacy and delivery of your organisation by teaching your team how best to communicate with your development team. Specifically, we teach people in non-tech roles about the different aspects of the software development lifecycle, so that everyone is speaking the same language. This allows teams to achieve better performance.

Our courses provide a full day, hands on workshop experience, at the end of which your team will have improved knowledge of end to end development. They will complete their own technical project, from planning to implementation, and come away having had discussions that they can apply to communicate with your engineering teams in a more effective way.

We also provide video materials to cater to a more one to one audience.

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We want to enhance the driving role driven professionals take within the tech industry. Our contributions to this mission is to training on the software development cycles to allow people from all backgrounds and departments to better understand technical issues. The knowledge people develop through our courses allows then to interact more effectively with development teams to drive the business further faster.

You will have an opportunity to discuss and understand technical issues and explore how best to develop those discussions with your own engineering teams.

Product and Growth

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  • start iconFull day hands on experience

    We will tutor you on the software development process and give you some basics development experience

  • start iconCommunication exercises

    We will help you to better communicate with engineers in order to quickly develop features and solve problems

  • start iconFollow up

    We follow the workshop up with troubleshooting and exercises to keep you learning

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Design and Creative

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  • start iconExposure to the code behind your ideas

    A day with expert tutors and support to implement your designs and make them fully functional

  • start iconExpression

    Have a common understanding with your technical team to discuss and develop your ideas in a more productive way

  • start iconDemo Driven Developement

    We will show you the latest technologies to quickly demo a user interface and then deliver it

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Tech industry professionals

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  • start iconTargetted for non-technical roles

    If you work with technical people, get your own hands on development experience

  • start iconUnderstanding the tech scene

    We will provide you experience in the technology behind your day job easing communication with you tech team

  • start iconFollow up

    Troubleshooting and exercises providing continuous learning and keep you up to date

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An example of the basic project from our introductory class can be seen at:
This is provided as the technical arm of our workshop around how to work with and better understand your development team